Jiffy Knee

Improving Patient Recovery with Jiffy Knee Technique at Michigan Joint Replacement Institute by Dr. Timothy Ekpo

Patients undergoing knee replacement surgery with our Jiffy Knee technique experience a noticeable difference in their recovery process. Unlike traditional approaches, we utilize a medial side approach, avoiding cutting muscles and tendons. By minimizing the undermining of skin flaps, scarring on the anterior aspect of the knee, under tension as the knee bends, is eliminated.

We do not use a tourniquet intraoperatively, leading to significantly less postoperative pain. Additionally, we employ intraoperative computer navigation for precise alignment based on each patient’s unique anatomy.

The Patient Benefits of Jiffy Knee:

  • Reduced Pain
  • Decreased Swelling
  • Less Need for Narcotics (most patients require only one postoperative prescription)
  • Quicker Return to Mobility (average 7 days off ambulatory aids)
  • Faster Resumption of Driving (average 10 days)
  • Speedier Return to Work and Recreational Activities
  • Enhanced Range of Motion
  • Decreased Patellar Tracking Issues
  • Overall Improved Outcome and Recovery Experience
  • No Additional Costs or Upcharges
  • Time Neutral for Surgeon Compared to Standard Techniques (50 minutes)


Traditional Exposure
Jiffy Knee Exposure



Having performed over 8,000 knee replacements, I have found the Jiffy Knee technique to improve the recovery process for our patients significantly. With reduced pain, swelling, and stiffness, patients experience early mobilization akin to an Anterior Total Hip Replacement. This early mobilization promotes better outcomes and reduces reliance on narcotics while lowering the risk of DVT.

The benefits of the Jiffy Knee technique offer a less painful option for patients who may have previously delayed knee replacement surgery due to fear or anxiety. Our clinical team is excited to offer this game-changing technique to patients, making recovery more manageable and improving overall outcomes. Any patient eligible for traditional knee replacement is a candidate for Jiffy Knee.

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